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Our Story

Welcome to Bright Hopes Market, your curiosity shop for gourmet food products, as well as unique home accessories and gifts in Toronto. We are a Latino-owned and operated business that is committed to bringing people together through food, transcending cultural boundaries and creating shared experiences.

Our shelves are filled with an extraordinary selection of unique and high-quality specialty items from both local and international brands. We love sharing our passion for fine foods and distinctive flavours that reflect our culinary traditions and discoveries that we made during our travels around the world.

Whether you are an adventurous food enthusiast, looking for a gift for a friend, or simply something to surprise yourself with, we have something special for everyone. 

We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our store, where you can explore, learn, and connect with fellow explorers. We are always happy to offer personalized recommendations, cooking tips, and engaging stories behind our products.

We invite you to embark on a discovery adventure at Bright Hopes Market. Explore our shelves to find the finest flavors, hidden gems from around the world and unique gifts.

About Our Founders

Ana and Mauricio met in Mazatlán, Mexico, during the 2016 Christmas holidays, and it was love at first sight. Ana was a Mexican-Brazilian living in Mexico, and Mauricio was a Mexican-Canadian living in Canada. They connected immediately thanks to their shared love for food and travelling.

Ana and Mauricio had travelled extensively before they met. Ana lived in Brazil for many years and traveled to Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey. Mauricio on the other hand, climbed some of the world's tallest mountains including Mount Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus. They were both drawn to new cultures and cuisines, and believed that food presented a powerful means of connecting with people from different backgrounds.

After 14 months of long-distance dating, Ana and Mauricio got married, and Ana moved to Toronto so they could start their new family in this world-class city.

When COVID hit, they began cooking at home more frequently and quickly realized that their pantry could be a little more inspiring. They also noticed that it wasn’t easy to find unique food products in Toronto. That's when they decided to start Bright Hopes Market.

Ana and Mauricio named their shop Bright Hopes Market because they believe that food has the power to bring people together. Since the store opened, it has become a beloved destination for food lovers in Toronto where they can introduce their taste buds to exciting new flavours.

Ana and Mauricio invite you to join them on their culinary journey at Bright Hopes Market!

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